St. Louis Language Immersion School (SLLIS)

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

AF3D1053To position all children for success in local and global economies through holistic, intellectually inspiring language immersion programs.

This achievement will:
  • Prepare culturally astute leaders for success in post-secondary education institutions.
  • Contribute to the renewal of the St. Louis region as an inclusive place where intercultural dialogue is an integral part of the community.
  • Promote compassion, understanding and civic pride through the St. Louis Language Immersion School learning community.

Our Vision

  • Strengthening the pipeline of creative, culturally astute leaders prepared for success in post-secondary education institutions.
  • Increasing St. Louis’ visibility as a preferred community in which to live, work and raise a family – by preparing students to prevail in global economic competition.
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue, altruism and civic pride.

Our Core Values

These core values drive our decision making for the St. Louis Language Immersion School network.

We Are All Leaders. We encourage each person in our learning community – whether teacher, administrator, parent or student — to communicate his or her vision, engage in honest discourse and to understand new perspectives. How will you lead our community today?

We Are Citizens of the World. We recruit and retain students, educators and advocates who represent the diversity of the region. We are committed to exploring what makes us unique, but we share the desire to create a world where that celebrates intercultural curiosity.

We Aim for Excellence. We believe that expectations of excellence apply to every interaction, not just student performance. Administrators, educators, support staff, families and community partners are held to standards of excellence for their contributions to each school. We hold our students accountable for excellence in both their academic performance and personal integrity in both the school and community.

We Maintain International Awareness. We are mindful in examining and incorporating international best practices into our school design. We also encourage instructors and students to contextualize local, national and world perspectives when exploring curricular themes.

We Value Critical Thinking. Independent thought and personal exploration inspires our learning. We foster the curious mind and look for ways to engage analysis. We encourage students to imagine and innovate.

We Value the Individual. We strive to develop relationships with individual learners in diverse settings, which enable leaders and educators to recognize the unique qualities that each person brings to our learning community.