St. Louis Language Immersion School (SLLIS)

Meet Our Staff

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Central Office

sebastien.babolat@sllis.org Sebastien Babolat Marine Assistant Principal Central Office
rob.biesendorfer@sllis.org Rob Biesendorfer Upper School Principal (4-8) Central Office
emily.bush@sllis.org Emily Bush Registrar Central Office
lydia.chen@sllis.org Dr. Lydia Chen Director of Development Central Office
TBA PBIS Coordinator Central Office
ayanna.ellison@sllis.org Ayanna Ellison Receptionist (Marine) Central Office
arlene@sllis.org Dr. Herlinda Arlene Galve-Salgado Chief Operations Officer Central Office
meghan@sllis.org Meghan Hill Lower School Principal (K-3) Central Office
linda.holliday@sllis.org Linda Holliday Talent Director Central Office
TBD Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Central Office
maribel@sllis.org Maribel Martinez Papin Assistant Principal Central Office
patrick.moynihan@sllis.org Patrick  Moynihan Senior Admin Assistant Central Office
blanca.murillo@sllis.org Blanca Murillo Receptionist (Papin) Central Office
katie.uldall-welch@sllis.org Katie Uldall-Welch Director of Diverse Learners & Federal Programs Central Office
lilith.werner@sllis.org Dr. Lilith Werner Superintendent Central Office
Middle School Program (7th and 8th)
jeannie.brooks@sllis.org Jeannie Brooks 7/8 Grade Math Specialist Middle School
kenneth.blanton@sllis.org Kenneth Blanton 7/8 Grade Teacher Middle School
celine.dissel@sllis.org Celine Dissel 7/8 Grade Homeroom Teacher Middle School
rebecca.schneider@sllis.org Rebecca Schneider ELA Specialist Middle School
Diverse Learners Team
angela.jones@sllis.org Angela BoClair Jones Paraprofessional Special Education
shannon.davis@sllis.org Shannon Davis School Psychologist Special Education
laura.grizzle@sllis.org Laura Grizzle Psychology Intern Special Education
scott.gross@sllis.org Scott Gross Special EducationTeacher Special Education
nathalia.mcpeak@sllis.org Nathalia McPeak Speech/ Language Pathologist Special Education
taylor.mitchell@sllis.org Taylor Mitchell Special EducationTeacher Special Education
macartney.owen@sllis.org Macartney Owen Special EducationTeacher Special Education
jennifer.crump@sllis.org Jennifer Crump Teacher Special Education
lauren.stoelting@sllis.org Lauren Stoelting Social Worker Special Education
anne.timberlake@sllis.org Anne Timberlake Special Education Teacher Special Education
jamie.van@sllis.org Jamie Van Paraprofessional Special Education
joyce.vincent@sllis.org Joyce Vincent Sp/Lang Pathologist Special Education
TBD Occupational Therapist Special Education
The Chinese Program
christa@sllis.org Christa Braun ELL/ELA Teacher TCP/TFP
haoli.collings@sllis.org Haoli Collings 3rd Grade Teacher TCP
naxin.fan@sllis.org Naxin Fan 3/4 Grade Teacher TCP
julia.hu@sllis.org Tong Hu Music Teacher TCP
nannan.huang@sllis.org Nannan Huang 4th Grade Teacher TCP
tzushan.huang@sllis.org Tzu-Shan Huang 1st Grade Teacher TCP
yachin.lee@sllis.org Yachin Lee Kindergarten Teacher TCP
tzufang.lin@sllis.org Tzu-Fang Lin 2nd Grade Teacher TCP
lijie.sanders@sllis.org Lijie Sanders Kindergarten Teacher TCP
lili.tsao@sllis.org Lili Tsao 6th Grade Teacher TCP
zheng.wang@sllis.org Zheng Wang 1st Grade Teacher TCP
yamin.wu@sllis.org Yamin Wu Physical Education Teacher TCP
liu.xi@sllis.org Liu Xi Librarian TCP/TFP/Middle School
fan.yang@sllis.org Fan Yang 5th Grade Teacher TCP
The French Program
yves.conseant@sllis.org Yves Conseant 2nd Grade Teacher TFP
gregoire.kande@sllis.org Gregoire Kande 3rd Grade Teacher TFP
coumba.gueye@sllis.org Coumba Gueye Phys. Ed. Teacher TFP
adeline@sllis.org Adeline LeBorgne 4th Grade Teacher TFP
gary.mitchell@sllis.org Gary Mitchell Teacher (Intervention) TFP
christelle.mukendi@sllis.org Christelle Mukendi 1st Grade Teacher TFP
stephanie.olson@sllis.org Stephanie Olson Kindergarten Teacher TFP
sabrina@sllis.org Sabrina Poirier 5th Grade Teacher TFP
perla.rivera@sllis.org Perla Rivera Art Teacher TFP
kari@sllis.org Kari Rivers Kindergarten Teacher TFP
lorena@sllis.org Lorena Veresh 6th Grade Teacher TFP
judy.roth@sllis.org Judy Roth Music Teacher TFP/Middle School
colleen.mcintee@sllis.org Colleen  McIntee 3rd Grade TFP
The Spanish Program
giovanna@sllis.org Giovana Aldave Librarian TSP
baldomero.alvarez@sllis.org Baldomero Alvarez-Castro Technology Teacher TSP
wanda.aponte@sllis.org Wanda Aponte 3rd GradeTeacher TSP
marta.blanco@sllis.org Marta Blanco Macarro 6th Grade Teacher TSP
estrella.bullock@sllis.org Estrella Bullock Kindergarten Aide TSP
serena.mouyaga@sllis.org  Serena  Mouyaga 3rd GradeTeacher TSP
josemanuel@sllis.org Jose Castro-Chavez Kindergarten Teacher TSP
angelac@sllis.org Angela Cuartas-Lopez Kindergarten Teacher TSP
TBD  1st Grade Teacher TSP
vanessa.diaz@sllis.org Vanessa Diaz 1st Grade Teacher TSP
maria.jose@sllis.org Maria Jose Diaz del Rio Instructional Aide TSP
juanpablo.escaray@sllis.org Juan Pablo Escaray Physical Education Teacher TSP
maria.garcia@sllis.org Maria Garcia-Foz 4th Grade Teacher TSP
caralyn.harmon@sllis.org Caralyn Harmon 2nd Grade Teacher TSP
richard.henricks@sllis.org Richard Henricks 4th Grade Teacher TSP
ana.lopez@sllis.org Ana Lopez 5th Grade Teacher TSP
ayat.badwan@sllis.org  Ayat  Badwan 1st Grade Teacher TSP
gloria@sllis.org Gloria Martin Instructional Aide TSP
renee.martin@sllis.org Renee Martin ELA Teacher TSP
jill@sllis.org Jill Meyer ELL Teacher TSP
joseline.martin@sllis.org Joseline Martin Paraprofessional Central Office
raul.munoz@sllis.org Raul Munoz Rodrigo 5th Grade Teacher TSP
karina@sllis.org Karina Otoya 2nd Grade Teacher TSP
scheilla@sllis.org Scheilla Schallon Kindergarten Teacher TSP
kelsey.schoenecke@sllis.org Kelsey Schoenecke 2nd Grade Teacher TSP
kelly.bruner@sllis.org  Kelly  Bruner Paraprofessional TSP