Title I

St. Louis Language Immersion Schools receive federal funding for the Title I program to provide academic support to students who are most at-risk of failing to meet Missouri’s Show-Me Standards.

In 2010-2011 The French School and The Spanish School administer targeted programs. Students in the targeted Title I program may receive small group or individual instruction in reading in the immersion language during the school day and/or small group Book Club instruction in reading in English afterschool. Students in the afterschool program receive a snack and may receive transportation home.

Do you have a student in the Title I Reading Program? Do you want to have your child reassessed for participation in the Title I Reading Program?

Contact your school’s Title I Coordinator for more information.

  • The French School: Sonia Emmons
  • The Spanish School: Giovana Galdave

Do you have questions about the Title I activities bus?

  • Sylvia Evans at 

Download a pdf of the following:

  • Parent Information and Resource Center Overview
  • NCLB Complaint Procedures
  • NCLB Parents Guide (Parents Right to Know)

Missouri Show-Me Standards

Learn more about the USDE Federal Title Guidelines.