St. Louis Language Immersion Schools (SLLIS)

SLLIS Council and School Advisory Councils

SLLIS Council

The SLLIS Council helps parents support school-wide needs, enhance communication among board, administration, and parents, and share information across the School Advisory Councils. The Council consists of at least one parent member from each School Advisory Council, the President, and one board member. The group meets monthly.

Upon formation in December 2015, the group determined that each parent member of the SLLIS Council will lead a “Task Force” of parent volunteers for the following areas: Communications/Technology, Facilities, Development/Fundraising, and Enrollment. Each task force leader collaborates with an assigned employee, with responsibility for the related area of work, to establish priorities and develop strategies to accomplish the work.  Notes from the general meetings are shared below:


School Advisory Councils

Each individual SLLIS school has its own School Advisory Council (SAC), facilitated by the respective heads of school. The councils make recommendations to school leadership, communicate concerns and mobilize the larger school community. The individual SAC at each school gives parents a voice.

Equal numbers of parents elected by parents, teachers elected by teachers and community or business leaders appointed by the Council comprise each SAC.

Elected members serve staggered two-year terms. Elections are held each year in January and newly elected members spend the spring semester shadowing current members.


The Chinese School

SAC Parents:

Jeff LeFan jefflefan@yahoo.com, Chair

Erin Balducci Au erin.balducci@gmail.com

Kristy Kelley kristy@kristykelley.net

Ron Krob r_krob@yahoo.com (through May)

SAC Staff:

Halo Collings haoli.collings@sllis.org

Fan Yang fan.yang@sllis.org

Yun Ching Wang yunching.wang@sllis.org


The French School

SAC Parents:

David Martineau – davidmartineau@mac.com

Aryn Rehbein – arynrehbein@gmail.com

Nicole Tate – nicole.s.tate@gmail.com

SAC Staff:

Kari Rivers – kari@sllis.org

Darlene Sanders – darlene.sanders@sllis.org

Megan McCoy – megan.mccoy@sllis.org


The International School

TIS is in its transition. We’ll have a new SAC for 2016-2017 year


The Spanish School

SAC Parents:

Shannon Oberkrom shannon@oberkromfamily.com

Lisa D’Souza ljdsouza@yahoo.com

Rafael Hernandez rafael.hernandezjr@yahoo.com

SAC Staff:

Tyler Worlund tyler.worlund@sllis.org

Ana Lopez ana.lopez@sllis.org

Jessica Lopez jessica.lopez@sllis.org



Arlene Galve arlene@sllis.org

Megan megan.ondr@sllis.org