St. Louis Language Immersion School (SLLIS)

End of Year Letter

Dear SLLIS Parents/Guardians:

A very demanding but productive school year is coming to an end! Before we breathe a huge sigh of relief and head into summer break, I would like to take a moment or two to provide some important updates:

The Board of Directors approved the 2017-2018 Budget at the May 17th meeting. Even with substantial budget challenges, we were able to create a balanced budget and make improvements in the areas of salaries and per pupil spending. Below are some of the budget highlights:

➢    Eliminated an almost $250,000 gap due to reduced levels of federal funding in Title I and Title II
➢    Increased budget per pupil by 50% from $100 to $150 for instructional materials and supplies
➢    Ensured all teachers for the first time were aligned on the correct lane/step of the salary schedule, creating an average of 3.8% salary increases
➢    Increased support staff salaries to put them in line with market salaries

In order to fund student field trip transportation and other instructional supplies, the Board also voted to postpone Middle Years Programme (MYP) candidacy for one school year for our seventh and eighth graders. In postponing candidacy for only one year, International Baccalaureate will hold us harmless and allow SLLIS to resume planning for MYP the following school year (2018-2019).

We are currently projecting 760 students for next year and are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to enroll another 30 families at the kindergarten/first grade levels over the next two months. Any additional revenue generated through increased enrollments over the summer will be designated to purchase additional instructional materials and/or open additional teaching/social worker position(s).

Other important news you should know:

•    We are excited to announce that Jessica López is our Primary Years Programme (PYP) Teacher Leader, Keri MacArthur is our new Enrollment Coordinator, and, Elizabeth Coggins is our new PBIS Coordinator!
•    Senior leadership will be hard at work this summer developing or revising systems and structures for parents, staff and students in order to make the opening of the 2017-2018 year as one school be as successful as possible. We look forward to issuing you a new parent/student handbook in August!
•    In order to support our merger into one school and help foster more collaborative working relationships between everyone, all SLLIS staff will receive diversity training on August 7th and 8th, led by the local non-profit Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP).

Despite any challenges caused by our financial and facilities situations, we continue to focus on improvement and we continue to find ways to leverage our resources—people, time, dollars and relationships—toward boosting success for students and creating a strong and excellent school of which our community can be justifiably proud.

We are also pleased to announce (see below) the tentative lead classroom teacher assignments for 2017-2018.

Thank you for all of your support and dedication to SLLIS this year. We look forward to working with you next year and are confident that we will continue to make improvements that will benefit your child’s academic experience. Have a safe and fun summer!

Lilith Werner, PhD

(while all staff have been informed of their grade levels, please note that changes can occur over the summer due to other staff turnover or any reduction/increase in enrollments).

*indicates offered job – paperwork in process

Chinese Program
Kindergarten Yachin Lee
Kindergarten Lijie Sanders
1st Grade Zheng Wang (Ming)
1st Grade Tzu – Shan Huang
2nd Grade Tzu – Fang Lin
3rd Grade Haoli Collings*
3 / 4 Grade Naxin Fan
4th Grade Nannan Huang
5th Grade Fan Yang
6th Grade Pei-Hsun Chin
French Program
Kindergarten Kari Rivers
1st Grade Christelle Mukendi
2nd Grade Yves Conseant*
2nd Grade Danielle Coffyn
3rd Grade Hannah Stout
4th Grade Adeline LeBorgne
5th Grade Sabrina Poirier
6th Grade Lorena Veresh

Spanish Program

Kindergarten Angela Cuartas and Estrella Bulock
Kindergarten Scheilla Schallon and Gloria Martin
Kindergarten Jose M Castro and Maria Jose Diaz
1st Grade Jessica Lopez
1st Grade Vanessa Diaz
1st Grade Lucia Cañete
2nd Grade Caralyn Harmon
2nd Grade Karina Otoya
2nd Grade New Hire
3rd Grade Wanda Aponte
3rd Grade Kelly Dale*
4th Grade Maria Garcia Foz
4th Grade Gina Muňoz*
5th Grade Raul Muňoz
5th Grade Ana Lopez
6th Grade Ivan Astwood*

Upper Grade (7th and 8th) Staff

Upper Grades French Homeroom Celine Dissel
Upper Grades Spanish Homeroom Ben Deloya
Upper School ELA Specialist Rebecca Schneider
Upper School Math Specialist Michelle Joyce